The Wavesync Studio is a private, two room complex consisting of a 400 square foot mix room with an adjoining 400 square foot multi use room which can be configured as a live tracking room, client lounge, or screening room. The main room is a 7.1 mix room with an emphasis on music to picture; editorial, mix, and playback. The studio was designed in collaboration with Westlake Pro Design Group with acoustic design and consultation provided by Carl Yanchar, (  The studio is centrally located in downtown Culver City, adjacent to Sony Pictures Studios.


Selected Equipment List:

Avid ProTools HDX

Avid 24 Channel D-Command w/JL Cooper Surround Panner & CB PEC Direct Box

Avid HD & Omni I/O’s

Barefoot Sound MM27 LCR Monitoring

Focal CMS-65 Surround Monitoring

Trinnov Audio D-MON 8 Room Optimizer & Monitor Matrix

Apogee Big Ben

Plug ins from Waves Diamond, Soundtoys, Penteo, AudioEase, Native Instruments, McDSP, Cargo Collective, and whatever else sounds good.

Dangerous Music 2 Bus Plus

Neve 1084

Urei 1176LN

Avalon 747

Avalon 737sp

DBX 160A x2

Telefunken AK47

Neumann TLM 103

1963 Fender TeleCaster

1982 Ibanez AR 305AV

1993 Fender Stratocaster

1990 Fender P-Bass

1993 Gibson AJ

1992 CF Martin DX

2001 Ibanez JSM-100

Rivera TBR-1M 

VHT Special 6 

Roland RE-501

Maestro EP-3 Echoplex