Selected Discography

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Soundtrack - Engineer & Digital Editing [Sony Music}

The First Original Soundtrack - Mixing

Lawless Original Soundtrack -Producer, Mixing [Sony Music]

Jonah Hex Original Soundtrack-Mixing [Warner Bros Records]

Inglourious Basterds Soundtrack -Mixing, “Slaughter”by Billy Preston (Remix)

Step Brothers Soundtrack - Mixing, “Boats & Hoes”

Live Free or Die Hard Soundtrack -Writer/Producer/Mixing “40 Days”, Producer “America The Beautiful” 

Smokin’ Aces Original Soundtrack -Executive Producer [Lakeshore Records] 

Smokin’ Aces Original Score -Executive Producer [Lakeshore Records] 

3:10 to Yuma Original Soundtrack -Digital Editing [Lionsgate]

Jes “Disconnect” -Recording Engineer [Black Hole Recordings] 

Frank Gambale“Natural High” -Engineer [Wombat Records] 

Nico Vega “Nico Vega EP” -Producer/Engineer/Mixing [IMR Records] 

Infinite Monopoly”I Can Hide” -Producer/Mixing/Arranger [IMR Records] 

Infinite Monopoly “Product Zero-1-A” -Producer/Mixing/Arranger [IMR Records] 

Oceans 11 Original Soundtrack -Engineer [Warner Bros Records] 

David Holmes Presents "The Free Association" -Recording Engineer [13amp Records] 

David Holmes “Come Get it I Got it” -Recording Engineer [13amp Records] 

N.A.A.M. Brigade “Early in the Game” -Engineer [Artist Direct Records] 

Thomas Vecera “Another Night Somewhere Else” -Producer/Engineer/Mixing  

Ozzy Osborne “Black Skies” -Recording engineer [Irock Video Games] 

Billy Bob Thornton “The Edge of the World” -Assistant Engineer [Sanctuary] 

Monty Python And the Holy Grail DVD Reissue -Recording Engineer [Columbia] 

Jeff Barry & Friends “Chapel of Love” -Assistant Mix Engineer [Image Ent.]

Billy Pace Daylight -Mix Engineer [Cowboy Music] 

Jeff Beck ”Roy’s Toy” -Assistant engineer [Epic Records] 

Dakah Hip Hop Orchestra “Live from the Temple Bar” -Assistant Mix Engineer