The Wavesync Studio is a private, two room complex consisting of a 400 square foot mix room with an adjoining 400 square foot multi use room which can be configured as a live tracking room, client lounge, or screening room. The main room is a 7.1 mix room with an emphasis on music to picture; editorial, mix, and playback. The studio was designed in collaboration with Westlake Pro Design Group with acoustic design and consultation provided by Carl Yanchar, (  The studio is centrally located in downtown Culver City, adjacent to Sony Pictures Studios.


Selected Equipment List:

Avid ProTools HDX

Avid 24 Channel D-Command w/JL Cooper Surround Panner & CB PEC Direct Box

Avid HD & Omni I/O’s

Barefoot Sound MM27 LCR Monitoring

Focal CMS-65 Surround Monitoring

Trinnov Audio D-MON 8 Room Optimizer & Monitor Matrix

Apogee Big Ben Master Clock

Plug ins from Waves, Soundtoys, FabFilter, Penteo, AudioEase, Native Instruments, McDSP, Cargo Collective, and more .

Dangerous Music 2 Bus Plus

Neve 1073 x2

Urei 1176LN

Avalon 747

Avalon 737sp

DBX 160A x2

Telefunken AK47

Neumann TLM 103

1963 Fender TeleCaster

1982 Ibanez AR 305AV

1993 Fender Stratocaster

1990 Fender P-Bass

1993 Gibson AJ

1992 CF Martin DX

2001 Ibanez JSM-100

Rivera TBR-1M 

VHT Special 6 

Roland RE-501

Maestro EP-3 Echoplex